Charging Forward:
How Technology Is Shaping the Future of EVs

  • Author:
    Geoff Robinson
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    All levels
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    2-3 hours
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Course overview
Welcome to "Charging Forward: How Technology Is Shaping the Future of EVs," a groundbreaking video playlist designed to electrify your understanding of electric vehicles (EVs) and the innovative technologies driving their ascent. From the latest in battery technology and charging infrastructure to advancements in autonomous driving and smart connectivity, this series dives deep into the heart of the electric revolution. As we navigate through interviews with industry leaders, expert analyses, and behind-the-scenes looks at cutting-edge EV models, you'll gain insights into how these technological marvels are paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future on our roads.

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, an environmental advocate, or simply curious about the future of transportation, join us as we explore the dynamic interplay between technology and electric vehicles, charging ahead into a new era of mobility.

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What's included?

  • 10 videos
  • Improve your understanding of how electric vehicles are revolutionizing the car sector
  • Insights from a #1 ranked data-driven analyst

Who should watch this playlist? 

This video series is perfect for a broad audience, from tech enthusiasts and environmental advocates to automotive professionals and curious beginners. Whether you're interested in the sustainability aspect of electric vehicles (EVs), the cutting-edge technology driving their development, or the market trends shaping their future, these videos offer valuable insights. It's tailored for anyone eager to understand the EV revolution and its impact on our world, making it a go-to resource for those looking to dive into the exciting world of electric mobility.


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Geoff Robinson

Thought leader, instructor, writer, financial influencer, Former UBS Managing Director and 8x #1 ranked analysts EMEA Institutional Investor Survey
Geoff has had a varied career. He was a Managing Director within UBS Equity Research, leading their Global Fundamental Analytics franchise. During this time, he was #1, ranked 8x in the EMEA Institutional Investor Survey. Before UBS, he was a material equity investor and LBO co-investor in two market exited training consultancies. Geoff has a passion for learning and is well-known for his ability to break down complex subject matter and distil it to an audience in a digestible and engaging manner. He brings this passion to 
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Ryan Sterling

Thought leader, AI instructor, , financial influencer, 
Meet Ryan, our AI avatar at, a fusion of tech and human expertise. Crafted by Colossyan and mentored by our founder Geoff Robinson, Ryan embodies decades of experience. With Geoff's UBS background and 25+ years of teaching, Ryan delivers clear, engaging insights on digital assets. Fluent in 70+ languages, he breaks barriers for a global audience, offering expert guidance in the digital asset world.