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Unleash your potential with our instructor-led training programs meticulously designed and delivered by a #1 ranked analyst team. Benefit from our decades of teaching experience and knowledge, propelling you toward a future filled with success and growth. Make the choice that makes a difference – invest in your future, enhance your skills, and join the ranks of the best in the industry.
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Their initiatives around education are without peer - a really exceptional effort

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I can honestly say, this class, is the best class I've taken in my investment career.

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Tried, tested and still continually evolving

Expertise Meets Innovation: Join Us Today. Harness the power of our market-leading analyst knowledge and cutting-edge EdTech approach.

Engage with the #1 ranked industry experts, as our tradition in learning meets the evolution of education. Begin your journey to success with us - where the past empowers the future.
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Scheduled instructor-led

Our instructor-led programs offer a unique blend of structured content and flexible adaptation to meet the needs of each audience. These programs are conducted virtually through Zoom webinars, allowing participants a seamless and interactive experience. The instructors can share their screens, engage with participants, and create an immersive learning environment. This virtual format provides convenience and accessibility while maintaining the effectiveness of face-to-face instruction.

Bespoke instructor-led

For groups of 5-6 people, we can provide a more tailored and personalized experience beyond virtual instruction. Our offerings extend to include in-person delivery at your preferred location, allowing for a more intimate and customized learning environment. Additionally, our team can provide instructional design services to adapt the program content specifically to the needs and objectives of your group. This bespoke approach ensures that the program aligns precisely with your requirements, optimizing the learning experience and maximizing the value gained from the sessions.

Benefits of our Instructor-led Training Programs

  100% analyst-curated content

With a wealth of hands-on experience from working on the desk, countless hours of advising investors, and several decades of instructional design and delivery expertise, rest assured that you are in capable hands. We combine real-world insights and a deep understanding of the investment landscape to provide top-notch guidance and support.


  With a keen on delivery with EdTech

At our core, we firmly believe that content generation should be entrusted to market practitioners with pedagogical expertise. Combining subject matter knowledge and effective instructional design is crucial for delivering impactful learning experiences. However, our commitment doesn't stop there. We leverage cutting-edge EdTech to enhance content delivery and optimize consumption. By harnessing the power of EdTech, we strive to ensure that our content is exceptional, easily accessible, and engaging for our users.

EdTech focused

  Fully supported by digital platform, InsightOne

With our digital platform, InsightOne, we are committed to supporting your learning needs around the clock. We have made all of our intellectual property available on the platform, ensuring that you have access to it anytime, anywhere, 24/7, 365 days a year. This unrestricted availability empowers you to engage with our content at your own convenience, enabling continuous learning and growth.


Our Instructor-led programs

With a singular, straightforward vision at the forefront of our efforts, we are dedicated to delivering investment education that authentically mirrors the work conducted by real-world analysts rather than propagating second-hand interpretations or commoditized content. We aim to offer you rare insight from the analyst's desk—curated, vetted, and precise, breaking through the noise of generalized education. We strive to serve you the inner workings of the investment world, providing a distinct advantage and enhancing your comprehension of the intricate dynamics of the financial landscape.

Our iBooks

Discover a new way to access our analyst-curated content with our interactive iBooks powered by breakthroughs in educational technology. Our meticulously designed iBook environment offers an intuitive, uncluttered, and mobile-friendly platform for on-the-go learning. We go beyond traditional digital content by embedding user interactivity into our work, incorporating features like FHD video and digital avatar technology for an immersive learning experience. Furthermore, our platform supports features like search, note-taking, text highlighting, and easy cross-referencing, enriching your learning journey and allowing you to engage with the material best suited to your learning style.