Frequently asked questions

How do I create a new Account?

Welcome to To Log In you have to create a new account. There are two ways to accomplish this: The first one is to simply connect with one of your social network accounts. It's the easiest way by far since you don’t need to remember yet another password. To log in, simply click on the button corresponding to the social network you prefer to use and follow the process. You will be asked to confirm your email address, so make sure that you enter a valid email address.
The second option for creating a new account is using your email. Click on the Create Account link that can be found in the login form.
Fill out the simple registration form with your name, email and desired password and click on the Start your learning journey button. Or you can use the social sign up options.
That’s it, you may now access and browse through the available programs.

How to Log In with an existing Account?

If you've used a social account (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google) to register to then all you need to do is click on the respective button in the Login form.
If you've used your email to register for then simply fill out your e-mail and password in the login form and click Login.
That's it, you can browse through our program catalog!

Problems Logging in to

First of all make sure that the combination of e-mail and password you tried is correct (for security reasons our error message doesn't explicitly reference whether you made a mistake in your email or password. This is deliberately so to make it harder for malicious individuals to guess any account details). If you are still having problems it might that have forgotten your password. In this case you can simply ask for a new one to be sent out to you. Click on the Forgot your password? link located just below the Login button.
Type the email that corresponds to your account and click Send. An email will be sent to you with a link for setting a new password for your account. If you don’t see the email appearing in your Inbox, make sure to also check the spam folder as it may have been accidentally caught by your email's spam filter. If this is the case then make sure to identify this message as Not spam so that you don't lose any future correspondence from

How can I Edit / Insert my account details (Profile Picture, Biography, Locations etc)

When logged in to, click on the top bar Profile suboption after hovering your mouse over the My Profile top bar option. This will lead you to your profile page.
There, click on the edit button and start changing your personal info. You can update your name and email, add a short bio so other members of the community can learn more about you and add your social accounts so that others can contact you.

How can I change my password?

Changing the password can be done log in form (you have to be logged out). Go to the login form and click on the Forgot your password? button that can be located right under the Login button.
Insert the email of your account and click OK.
You will soon receive an email containing a link for resetting your password. If you don't receive this email after a few minutes, please check the spam folder of your email account as the reset email may have accidentally been held up by your spam filter.

How to send a private inbox message to another Learner?

Click on the top bar Inbox sub-menu after hovering your mouse over the My Profile menu option.
Then click on the New message button.
Select the co-learner you would like to send the message to (start typing @ and the name of the student. A list of suggested accounts will appear and you can pick the right one). The fill out your message and click the send button.

How do I sign/log out from

If you want to log out from simply click the Sign out option that can be found at the top-right menu.

I purchased a program. How do I access it?

If you have already purchased a program you only need to visit the program's page and you will have full access to the content. Alternately, you can access the starting page of The programs you have purchased will appear at the top of the program list. By clicking on a program card you will be directed to its contents.

How do I download program content?

If you are enrolled to a program (paid or not) you will have access to the whole program contents. In most cases the contents are not available for download and you will need to be connected to the internet and access the contents through your browser. Certain material, like PDF files or PPT presentations may be available for download.

How do I navigate inside a program?

Once you access a program, you will find a full table of contents at the left-hand side of the screen. You can browse through the sections and access the learning unit you would like to study. In most cases you would be better off when simply following the linear program order proposed by the program instructor. In the future you can always come back re-visit any learning unit you wish. Note that learning units that you have visited / completed are marked with a discrete check mark.

Do I have to be online at a specific time to take a program?

No, you can take your program whenever you want. The program remains online around the clock. All you need is internet access and a fairly modern browser.

Can I take more than one program at a time?

Yes. You can take as many programs as you wish.

What Browsers are Supported?

We support the latest versions of all well-known browsers. For optimal studying experience we recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Can I take the programs on my iPad or tablet?

Of course you can. is fully responsive in all kinds of electronic devices.

Can I take the programs on my iPhone or smartphone?

Of course you can. is fully responsive in all kinds of mobile devices. For optimal experience you can use the mobile version of Google Chrome, if your device supports it.

Is Internet Access Required?

Internet access is required since all of the program contents are online. We also recommend using a broadband internet connection, especially when you have to go through video content.

What are the Recommended Technology requirements for the platform?

Just a broadband Internet connection and the latest version of your favorite browser.

Why are your prices exclusive of sales taxes?

Our prices are exclusive of sales taxes due to the global nature of our business. As we sell our instructor-led programs and digital content worldwide, the applicable sales taxes can vary significantly depending on the customer's jurisdiction.

Different countries, and even different states or regions within countries, have different sales tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), or Goods and Services Tax (GST) rates. Some jurisdictions may also have specific tax exemptions for certain types of products or services. Therefore, to accommodate these variances and provide accurate pricing, we calculate and add the applicable taxes to your purchase at checkout based on your location.
We use Quaderno, an automated tax compliance software platform, to handle these calculations. Quaderno accurately calculates and tracks VAT, sales taxes, and GST for online platforms, ensuring that the correct tax rate is applied to each purchase, no matter where the customer is located.

This approach ensures we comply with international tax laws, providing a seamless purchasing experience for our customers while maintaining tax compliance.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards are accepted. Clients can purchase our digital products right from their mobiles with Google pay or Apple Pay, and skip multi-step authentication processes. We also accept Klarna and AfterPay/ClearPay. Off line payments may also be accepted (you can arrange this with

How do I cancel a program?

For cancelling a program enrollment or asking for a refund please contact (contact info can be found under the Account option on the top right menu) and refer to our refund policy.

What is the refund policy?

Thank you for choosing We strive to provide you with a valuable and satisfactory experience on our digital platform. This refund policy outlines the terms and conditions regarding cancellations and refunds for our services.

Subscription Cancellations: Users can cancel their subscriptions at any time. Upon cancellation, the subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle (month). Please note that there are no refunds for purchased digital assets, including any materials or resources accessed during the subscription period.

Instructor-Led Programs: For our instructor-led programs, the following refund policy applies:
a. Cancellations with more than 30 days (working and non-working day count) before the program start date will be eligible for a full refund.
b. Cancellations made between 30 and 15 days (working and non-working day count) before the program start date will be eligible for a 50% refund of the program fees.
c. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 15 days (working and non-working day count) before the program start date.

Refund Processing: To request a refund, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team at [insert contact information]. We will require relevant details to verify your subscription or program enrollment and process your refund request.
Refunds will be processed using the same payment method initially used for the purchase. Please allow up to [insert time frame] for the refund to be reflected in your account.

Exceptions: In exceptional cases, reserves the right to make exceptions to this refund policy. Such exceptions may be granted at our sole discretion and evaluated case-by-case basis.
Changes to the Refund Policy: reserves the right to modify or update this policy at any time. Any changes to the policy will be communicated to users via email or through prominent notifications on our website.

Please note that by using, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions outlined in this refund policy. If you have any questions or require further assistance regarding refunds or cancellations, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team.

Effective date: 1st May 2023

Thank you for choosing We appreciate your trust in our platform and look forward to serving you..

Troubleshoot issues with Video

Our video player automatically tries to adjust the video quality to your internet speed, giving you the highest quality possible but in certain cases, for very slow connections, this might not be possible. If you’re experiencing excessive buffering during playback, it’s probably because your Internet connection cannot support continuous playback of the video. In this case try to reset your connection/internet router or, if possible, try accessing your online programs using a better internet connection.
You may also want to try one of the following:

1. Close extra browser tabs or other applications that may be using up your bandwidth.
2. Make sure you're using the latest version of your browser.

How long does it take to complete a program?

It depends on the program. Each program has different time requirements. Read the program's description or contact your instructor for more specific details.

What will you do with my e-mail address?

Your e-mail address is your key to It is fully safe with us and we will use it only to communicate with you if necessary.

Is GDPR compliant?

At, we prioritize data privacy and security for all our users, regardless of their location. We maintain full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European Union regulation designed to protect the privacy rights of individuals.

Here are the key GDPR provisions we have in place:

1. Data Protection: We have implemented robust security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction.
2. Transparency: We are transparent about the data we collect, why we collect it, and how we use it. This information is provided in our Privacy Policy.
3. Consent: We obtain clear and explicit consent before collecting or processing personal data. Users can withdraw this consent at any time.
4. Data Minimization: We collect only the necessary data needed to provide you with our services and to fulfill our legitimate business interests.
5. Right to Access and Correct: Users have the right to access their personal data, request corrections, or ask for their data to be deleted from our systems.
6. Data Portability: Users have the right to receive their personal data in a machine-readable format and have the right to transfer that data to another controller.
7. Breach Notification: In the unlikely event of a data breach, we are committed to informing affected users as well as relevant authorities within 72 hours, as stipulated by GDPR regulations.

Our commitment to GDPR compliance is part of our broader effort to respect and protect the privacy rights of all users. We believe in upholding the highest standards of data protection and privacy, no matter where our users are located.

What are's internet security protocols? operates (provided by its partner LearnWorlds) on a platform that supports the following measures to ensure data security and privacy:

Protection from Data Loss & Data Corruption
Isolated Databases has its own, isolated Database. This means that even if a platform gets compromised or goes rogue, all other platforms will remain unaffected.
Regular Backups
Databases are mirrored and backed up off site, across multiple facilities. We keep daily database backups.
Customer data regulation
We never move any platform or user data outside of our secured environment for testing or any other reason.

Application Level Security
Password salting and hashing uses the most up-to-date and secure cryptographic methods. Platform Admin Passwords are salted and hashed and never stored or transmitted as plain text. Employees cannot view or manually change passwords. If you forget your password it cannot be retrieved, even by our own CTO – the password must be reset by you.
Encrypted Data Storage
All user passwords are salted and hashed and never stored or transmitted as plain text.
We do not store credit card details on our infrastructure. All credit card transactions are processed using secure encryption on a PCI-Compliant network.

HTTPS everywhere forces all requests over HTTPS, ensuring all traffic between and the user’s browser is encrypted. This means that anyone trying to eavesdrop on this data will not be able to decrypt and access the underlying data. All wesbites powered by LearnWorld get a free SSL certificate for lifetime. LearnWorlds uses TLS 1.2 exclusively, throughout its site and subdomains.
XSS vulnerability avoidance
All user inputs are properly treated to ensure that XSS vulnerabilities are avoided.

Secure Software Development Life Cycle
Vulnerability Scanning & Patching
We have automated systems in place that monitor all the software infrastructure that powers LearnWorlds for new versions and vulnerabilities. Our infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. Moreover, our in-house security expert is constantly on the lookout for things that could jeopardize our systems, ready to intervene. We test our systems regularly through simulated attacks from the outside and in.
Secure File storage
Your uploaded files can only be accessed through LearnWorlds. Your students can only access files intended for them. Only authorized LearnWorlds personnel can access your files, on a strict per-need basis.
Internal Controls
For our employees, access rights and levels are based on job function and role, on a need-to-know basis, match defined responsibilities. All employees must abide by our policies about protecting customer data.
Security by design
Our code is being developed following the latest patterns and industry best practices, and is constantly reviewed. Clear, readable and well-maintained code means secure systems.
Key management
We keep our keys secret and out of version control, to ensure access to critical resources cannot be compromised.

Data Center Security
The GDPR requires controllers and processors of personal data to “implement appropriate technical and organizational” measures to ensure a sufficient level of security.
LearnWorlds is a Google Cloud partner so we primarily use top-notch Google Cloud Platform servers as our third-party cloud storage subcontractor and we do not host customer data on our premises.
This means that all our servers are located at Google premises, in different world-class data centers around the world:
  • East USA (South Carolina & Virginia, USA, North America)
  • Central EU (Frankfurt, Germany, Europe)
  • South America (São Paulo, Brazil, South America)
  • Southeast Asia (Singapore, APAC)

Google Cloud Platform is a leading cloud provider, and holds industry best security certifications, such as SOC2/3 and ISO27001, and provides encryption in transit and at rest, without any action required from our customers. All servers are protected by biometric locks and round-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance monitoring. Only authorized personnel have access to the data center. 24/7/365 onsite staff provides additional protection against unauthorized entry and security breaches. For more info on Google Cloud Platform physical server security check here.
  • High availability. We’ve designed LearnWorlds to ensure high availability throughout the platform. At every layer of the stack, we have a suite of contingency mechanisms, including automatic failover, to ensure 24/7 application availability.

Protecting LearnWorlds Against rogue or hacked users
We can secure ourselves, but if your computer gets compromised or someone gets into your LearnWorlds account, that’s not good for either of us. Therefore,
  • We monitor and will automatically suspend accounts for signs of irregular or suspicious login activity.
  • Certain changes to your account, such as to your password, will trigger email notifications to the account owner.
  • We monitor accounts and platform activity for signs of abuse (both via automatic notifications and human reviewers).

LearnWorlds is working continuously to make our systems secure. But modern software is amongst the most complex artefacts ever created by humans and cybersecurity is a moving target. If you do find any security issues, whether you are a user or security expert, please reach out to us at We will make sure the issue is fixed and updated ASAP.

Do you use reCAPTCHA v3?

We integrates with reCAPTCHA v3, a Google service offered as an out-of-the-box solution for an always-on traffic analyzer that detects fake user and bot activity that tries to access your academy’s website.

With reCAPTCHA, we can safeguard our platform from illicit activities like fraud and misuse while minimizing disruption to legitimate users. The underlying technology uses an advanced Risk Analysis Engine to identify malicious traffic and adaptive challenges to prevent fraudulent users and software from taking part in hostile activities on your website.

When enabled, reCAPTCHA will be active on:
  • Sign-up/Sign-in forms and Password reset forms.
  • All Marketing forms in:
  • The shareable link.
  • In a form Widget.
  • Sign-up fields in the one-click sales funnels.
  • All forms in Pop-ups.

When a form is visible, the reCAPTCHA icon will appear at the bottom right corner of the screen (see below).
reCAPTCHA will not interrupt your learning experience

Does access to my paid program expire?

In most cases, once you have enrolled to a program you will have access for lifetime. Programs with limited time access say so clearly in the program description.

Can I sample a program or lesson before deciding to purchase a program?

In many cases programs have one or more free sections that you can sample before you decide to purchase a program.

How do I know that you have received my order?

Once your payment has been successfully processed, your program will be immediately accessible to you. If the program hasn't unlocked despite you payment going through, then please contact the site's owner and you will be given access to the program asap.

How soon will I get access to my programs?

You will get access to your program(s) immediately after your make an online purchase (or when you have been manually enrolled by the instructor).

Are there prerequisites for the program or lessons?

In most cases there are no prerequisites and you can take any program you want independently. For certain programs that do have prerequisites, this will be clearly written in the program description. And you may also want to discuss this with the program instructor.

How do I access a program that I have completed?

You can access your programs anytime simply by logging in to the platform and visiting the program page. The programs you have purchased appear always first in's program catalog.

Where is the invoice for the program I just bought?

You can find fully detailed invoices for all the programs you have purchased in the Account page, which can be found by hovering your mouse over the Me top bar option. If you made a purchase outside then you can contact for an invoice.

I was given a discount coupon for How can I use it to buy a program with discount?

Buying a program with a discount coupon is not much different from our normal checkout process.
1) Go to the program page for which you have a coupon and click Enroll.
2) You will be automatically redirect to Enroll in Program page. Type your coupon code in the textbox (in our example: coupon_code) and click Redeem.
3) the discount will be automatically calculated in the final price.
4) You can now finalize the purchase process by clicking on the Buy button