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The InsightOne Premium subscription offers subscribers full access to our growing iBook library, including the standout "Build models like a number one ranked analyst" series and our on-demand FHD video content.

Updated weekly with new assets, our content library is accessible across desktop, iOS, and Android platforms. We're committed to enhancing your investment content experience with AI-powered features, simplifying complex data, and saving you valuable time.

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Benefits of this subscription plan

Exclusive Access

Subscribers enjoy privileged access to our Premium tier analyst-curated content, which includes our series "Build models like a #1 ranked analysts and our Premium tier FHD video library (launching September 2023), providing our users with the essential tools for investment analysis

Cutting-Edge Features

Our platform integrates AI transcription features, Avatar usage, FHD videos, and intuitive designs to ensure a dynamic and engaging user experience, making analysis and insight generation more accessible and less time-consuming.

EdTech is at the core of our DNA and our on-going strategy.

Continuous Updates

Our digital library continually expands, with fresh content added every week, keeping subscribers updated with the latest insights and trends in the investment sector.

X-Platform Accessibility

Our content is accessible across desktop, iOS, and Android platforms, allowing subscribers to learn and analyze on the go.

Competitive Edge

With our platform's comprehensive, quality content, subscribers can stay ahead of the curve in the investment sector, gaining a significant competitive edge.

Time Efficiency

With organized, easy-to-navigate content and AI-powered tools, we significantly reduce the time required for data analysis, freeing up more time for decision-making.