Equity Dilution Decoded:
Refining Your Valuation Approach

  • Author:
    Geoff Robinson

  • Level: 
    Early to mid-career

  • Study time:
    2-3 hours

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Course overview
Welcome to "Equity Dilution Decoded: Refining Your Valuation Approach", a comprehensive e-learning program designed to demystify one of the most nuanced areas of business valuation. In today's dynamic business landscape, understanding how equity dilution impacts valuation is paramount. Whether you're an entrepreneur, investor, financial analyst, or a student of finance, this course will provide you with valuable insights and practical tools to enhance your valuation skills.
Equity dilution occurs when the issuance of new shares reduces an existing shareholder's percentage of ownership in a company. On the surface, this might seem straightforward, but the deeper implications on valuation can be complex and far-reaching. This program aims to break down these complexities, offering a structured approach to integrating equity dilution considerations into your valuation models.

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What's included?

  • A deep dive into the ins and outs of equity valuation - cover the accounting, valuation and modelling issues
  • Ask better questions in your valuation work
  • 25+ videos

Who should watch this playlist? 

This playlist is tailored for anyone keen on deepening their understanding of business valuation, especially in the context of equity dilution. It's an ideal resource for entrepreneurs navigating investment rounds, investors looking to make informed decisions, financial analysts seeking refined valuation techniques, and students of finance eager to grasp real-world applications. If you aim to unravel the intricacies of equity dynamics in business valuation, this playlist is for you.

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Geoff Robinson

Thought leader, instructor, writer, financial influencer, Former UBS Managing Director and 8x #1 ranked analysts EMEA Institutional Investor Survey
Geoff has had a varied career. He was a Managing Director within UBS Equity Research, leading their Global Fundamental Analytics franchise. During this time, he was #1, ranked 8x in the EMEA Institutional Investor Survey. Before UBS, he was a material equity investor and LBO co-investor in two market exited training consultancies. Geoff has a passion for learning and is well-known for his ability to break down complex subject matter and distil it to an audience in a digestible and engaging manner. He brings this passion to TheInvestmentAnalyst.com.