Update your models, quickly
Model mapping

  • Author:
    Geoff Robinson

  • Level: 
    Early to mid-career

  • Study time:
    2-3 hours

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Course overview
In the fast-paced world of financial analysis, time is of the essence. The accuracy and relevance of data-driven decisions hinge on how swiftly and effectively we can update our financial models. Traditional ways of extracting and updating data often lag in efficiency, leading to delayed insights and potential missed opportunities. This is where "Model Mapping" steps in.

This e-learning program is meticulously designed to transform the way you approach financial models. We present a groundbreaking technique that ensures rapid data extraction from reported financials, enabling you to update your models in record time.

Our guiding mantra is simple yet profound: Build Simple. Build Correctly. Then Add Layers of Detail. By following this iterative approach, we ensure a foundational accuracy that can be seamlessly scaled with additional layers of complexity. It's akin to building a skyscraper – you start with a robust foundation and then add floors methodically.

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What's included?

  • Update your models quickly
  • Build models with control
  • 25+ videos

Who should watch this playlist? 

This playlist is a must-watch for professionals immersed in the world of financial analysis or those aspiring to step into this domain. Whether you're a seasoned analyst aiming to optimize and accelerate your data modeling processes, a beginner seeking foundational best practices, or even a stakeholder in financial decision-making keen on understanding the nuances of rapid data extraction and model updating, this collection offers invaluable insights. By delving into the innovative "Model Mapping" approach, this playlist serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and depth in financial modeling.

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Geoff Robinson

Thought leader, instructor, writer, financial influencer, Former UBS Managing Director and 8x #1 ranked analysts EMEA Institutional Investor Survey
Geoff has had a varied career. He was a Managing Director within UBS Equity Research, leading their Global Fundamental Analytics franchise. During this time, he was #1, ranked 8x in the EMEA Institutional Investor Survey. Before UBS, he was a material equity investor and LBO co-investor in two market exited training consultancies. Geoff has a passion for learning and is well-known for his ability to break down complex subject matter and distil it to an audience in a digestible and engaging manner. He brings this passion to TheInvestmentAnalyst.com.