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The program catalogue

The program catalogue is a centralized repository where you can explore and access all offerings from It is a comprehensive collection of our products, including programs, iBooks, research reports, subscriptions, and bundled offerings. The program catalogue is your gateway to discovering and accessing the wide array of resources and offerings from in a centralized and easily accessible manner.

 Free content

At, we believe in demonstrating the value of our offerings by providing select content for free. We want to showcase the quality and relevance of our materials, giving you a glimpse of what we can deliver. While not all content is available for free, this approach reflects our generosity and commitment to transparency. We aim to entice you to explore our premium content, knowing that no other training platform can match the market-relevant resources we provide. Our team, led by individuals with a #1 ranked pedigree*, sets us apart, ensuring our content's authenticity and expertise. With our platform, you can trust that you are accessing unparalleled knowledge and insights from industry leaders.
* EMEA Institutional Investor Survey

Instructor-led programs

With a singular, straightforward vision at the forefront of our efforts, we are dedicated to delivering investment education that authentically mirrors the work conducted by real-world analysts rather than propagating second-hand interpretations or commoditized content. We aim to offer you rare insight from the analyst's desk—curated, vetted, and precise, breaking through the noise of generalized education. We strive to serve you the inner workings of the investment world, providing a distinct advantage and enhancing your comprehension of the intricate dynamics of the financial landscape.

The InsightOne digital platform
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InsightOne, the digital subscription platform offered by, is designed to provide convenient access to a comprehensive digital asset portfolio anytime and anywhere. At the core of InsightOne is our commitment to leveraging EdTech to enhance the user experience. We strive to deliver premium content in a way that is easy to consume, ensuring a seamless and immersive learning experience. Our platform is accessible across all devices and platforms, including desktop (PC and Mac) and iOS and Android apps, enabling users to access their content from their preferred devices. To cater to diverse needs and budgets, we offer three access tiers.  With InsightOne, users can enjoy flexible and comprehensive access to valuable resources, empowering them to make informed investment decisions.

Free plan

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Set up an account to gain access to our range of free educational resources. Explore our informative iBooks and video content to get a taste of our unique approach to learning.
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Premium plan

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Unlock our Extensive Digital Content Library, Dive into Expert Insights on Accounting, Analysis, Financial Modeling, and Valuation. Access our highly acclaimed financial modeling series, "Build Models Like a #1 Ranked Analyst," and empower yourself with our Strategic Analysis for Analysts: Invest in What You Know.
  • Access to iBook series:
    Build models like a #1 ranked analyst series
    Strategic analysts for analysts
  • 150+ digital assets focused on*:
    Accounting and analysis
    Financial modeling
    Fundamental valuation
  • Monthly live webinars
    AI avatar video content, Podcasts
*Available September 2023.

Premium plus plan

Billed monthly
Subscribers enjoy privileged access to our entire range of analyst-curated content, which includes our in-depth Fundamental research platform, "Intrinsic Insights with Robinson," our comprehensive library of downloadable financial models and our full FHD video library (launching September 2023), providing them with the essential tools for thorough analysis.
  • All premium plan assets plus full access to our FHD video content library:
  • Access to our Research platform:
    Intrinsic insights with Robinson
    Our downloadable modeling repository
  • Analyst podcasts and insights
*Available September 2023.

Our interactive iBooks

Discover a new way to access our analyst-curated content with our interactive iBooks powered by breakthroughs in educational technology. Our meticulously designed iBook environment offers an intuitive, uncluttered, and mobile-friendly platform for on-the-go learning. We go beyond traditional digital content by embedding user interactivity into our work, incorporating features like FDH video and digital avatar technology for an immersive learning experience. Furthermore, our platform supports features like search, note-taking, text highlighting, and easy cross-referencing, enriching your learning journey and allowing you to engage with the material best suited to your learning style.

Save money with bundled packages

By taking advantage of our bundled deals, you'll be able to leverage the momentum of our sequentially structured learning programs and enjoy further discounts on top of our already reduced rates! Seize this great offer, team up with us and our #1 ranked team at