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Fundamental valuation

At, our Fundamental Valuation Advisory offers tailored solutions based on comprehensive valuation research. We consider financial and non-financial aspects of estimating asset, business, or project values through a robust evaluation process.

Distinctively, we blend our valuation process into the financial models we create for our clients. We produce dynamic tools adaptable to market shifts and business scenarios by integrating analytical insights with advanced modeling techniques.

These models provide our clients with insightful, actionable data on their investment values and reflect our deep analysis expertise and innovative tech capabilities, thus empowering clients to make informed, strategic investment decisions.

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Modeling advisory and development

At, we offer top-tier modeling advisory and development services guided by an extraordinary depth of expertise and a solid track record. Our work has reached investment analysts across Wall Street and the City, influencing both sell-side and buy-side sectors. 

Our advisory extends beyond traditional Excel, integrating advanced methodologies to improve modeling protocols. Led by our founder, Geoff Robinson, a rare holder of the Master in Financial Modeling designation, we've achieved notable milestones, including creating a unique analyst model-checking tool for one global investment bank and completely revamping another European investment bank's financial modeling suite.

As UBS's #1 ranked fundamental analytics team, our reputation for modeling quality and innovation precedes us, and we uphold these standards at, empowering our clients to make savvy, effective investment decisions

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