Tech-infused Fundamental research

We pride ourselves on being a unique learning platform, the only one that brings you educational research content from a team that boasts an top-ranked analyst track record.* 

Unlike traditional training providers, we offer content through a distinct lens cultivated from years of unrivaled experience, which gives our learners an edge in comprehension and application.

*8x  #1 ranked EMEA Institutional Investor Survey

An insights into our coverage

What kind of reports are we writing

Investment Analysis

Why does being human flaw investment analysis? Dealing with biases

What is the "outside" view and how can this help analysts?*

How should Bayesian forecasting fit into the investment process?*

Why do analysts struggle to model the downside?

Using Sigmoid fade curves to forecast low viz cashflows

Why we love iROIC and why you should too

When is an outlier, an outlier?

Fundamental valuation 

Our DCF framework: The DNA of a DCF

Rethink your terminal value, it's probably not working!?

An entrepreneurial approach to DCF: PVGO analysis

Don't blindly accept Bloomberg betas

What is a multiple - the good, bad and the ugly

Building an analytical code for multiples

Which multiple, when?

Analytical insights

You paid, what?! Is the deal dead before the ink is dry?

What is EPS accretion-dilution analysis and why does fail us?

EPS accretion-dilution analysis fails us... analyzing outside the box

How does High Frequency Trading influence equity valuation

What is a Fermi problem and how is it useful to investment analysts?*

Was Munger right, is EBITDA BS earnings?

Downloadable models

Two-stage DCF model

Two-stage DCF model with PVOG analysis

Two stage multiple model

NOL model

Depreciation waterfall

Dynamic reference array workbook

Scenario manager with INDEX

Scenario manager with INDEX ARRAYs

Scenario-based sensitivities

Decircularization macro
Future learning

How is our work different to
traditional research?

Greater freedom to experiment 
A focus on AI collaboration
An authenticity to deliver
Greater freedom to experiment
"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
It's the freedom to experiment, the willingness to fail,
the ambition to press on that has made our world a better place." - Steve Jobs

Content adaptability

Unlike sell-side research, which often adheres to strict content guidelines, we have the liberty to diversify our content, covering a wide range of topics and using varied presentation styles. This allows us to cater to different learning styles and needs.

Technological Flexibility

We continuously adapt and experiment with cutting-edge educational technology to deliver our content most effectively. Sell-side research is typically limited by traditional delivery methods and less inclined or are slower to adopt new technologies.

Tailored Experience

Our experimentation enables us to offer a personalized learning experience, adapting to individual learners' pace and preferences, which is generally not the focus of sell-side research.
Use of AI Collaboration
"AI in education is not about replacing teachers.
It's about complementing the learning process with interactive, personalized experiences that were previously impossible.
It's the textbook that evolves with each student." - Satya Nadella

AI Transcription

Our use of AI transcription code lets users follow along to our video content, enhancing the accessibility of our work on multiple levels

Listen to us, on the anywhere

Our collaboration with AI extends to utilizing text-to-speech software, allowing our users to listen to our work, offering a convenient alternative to reading.

Reading with note taking

Our partnership with AI firms extends to the creation of interactive avatars. These avatars, imbued with artificial intelligence, serve as digital hosts or tutors, providing users with an engaging, personalized learning journey.
Lots of questionnaires
"The strength of research lies not in its complexity, but in its authenticity.
The true essence of knowledge is extracted when we uphold the values of impartiality and honesty." - Nikola Tesla.

Unbiased Analysis

Operating independently allows us to conduct research without external pressures or agendas. We are committed to providing an unbiased, meticulous analysis that isn't swayed by a firm's business interests or strategies, a factor that might otherwise influence research. This commitment to neutrality ensures our users receive insights rooted in objectivity and factual accuracy.

Truthful Reporting

We stand by the principle of calling out the analysis as we see it, irrespective of the popular sentiment or potential backlash. We always prioritize presenting our users with the most accurate, unvarnished analysis. 

Trust and Credibility

Our independence, combined with our steadfast commitment to honest reporting, cultivates high trust and credibility among our users. They know they can rely on us for an impartial and accurate view of the subjects at hand. This trust is at the heart of our relationship with our users, guiding our decisions and actions.
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Driving your development with Tech

However, we understand that premium content alone does not define effective learning. To make the learning experience more engaging and effective, it needs to be consumable and accessible.

Therefore, we focus on creating content that is not just informative but also mobile, engaging, and interactive. We utilize various delivery modes to meet different learner preferences and needs.

This is where we leverage technology's potential in education (EdTech) to its fullest by integrating cutting-edge digital tools and methodologies, thus facilitating an immersive, personalized learning journey for each user.

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EdTech application

We've got to talk about our AI avatars

In our quest to make learning as engaging and accessible as possible, we use, where appropriate, AI avatars to enhance the user experience. Also, we use them to showcase how EdTech is evolving (because it's a pretty cool technology too). These avatars, created through collaborations with leading AI firms, act as personalized guides through the learning material. They can mimic human interaction, facilitating a more conversational and interactive form of learning.

: AI avatars adapt to individual learning styles and pace, providing custom explanations and resources for a more effective learning journey.
Engagement: The interactive nature of AI avatars increases learner engagement and motivation, leading to better comprehension and retention.
Accessibility: AI avatars cater to different learning preferences and provide readily repeatable or rephrased information, making learning content more accessible.
EdTech application

What's next...
The impact of Apple Vision pro

The advent of Apple Vision Pro has stirred significant excitement in the learning and development industry. With its advanced augmented and virtual reality capabilities, this technology is poised to usher in a new era of immersive, interactive learning.

AR and VR technologies can transform education by offering simulated, real-world experiences that significantly enhance comprehension and retention. These technologies could break the barriers of traditional classroom learning, allowing learners to explore environments, manipulate virtual objects, and perform tasks that would otherwise be impossible or unsafe in the real world.

Moreover, in terms of communication, augmented and virtual reality could make interactions more engaging and lifelike, even when participants are geographically distant from each other. This could revolutionize remote learning and work, making them more effective and satisfying.
We believe that Apple Vision Pro could be a game-changer in harnessing the full potential of AR and VR for learning, development, and communication. We eagerly await its impact and are prepared to integrate these innovative solutions into our platform, enhancing the learning experience we provide to our users.
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