Instructor-led program (virtual)

modeling and analysis program

Few instructors can claim firsthand experience managing their own Leveraged Buyout (LBO), especially during something
as challenging as the Global Financial Crisis - but we can!

Gain a deep understanding of creating an LBO model, which includes a comprehensive analysis of leveraged cash flow, exit returns (incorporating exit IRR and cash on cash multiples), and equity value creation. Boost your proficiency in LBO analysis and improve your competency in assessing investment possibilities.
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Achieve your goals

Model like a top-ranked pro

Our LBO modeling program takes attendees through the LBO modeling process, starting with the model's engine and the sources and uses of funds. This engine drives the construction of the pro format balance sheet and the cash flow forecasts. We spend time thinking about debt structuring choices to manage credit risk and exit return profiles. A thorough analysis of exit returns is then performed. We take the analysis beyond standard cash-on-cash and exit IRR analysis through to the disaggregation of equity value creation

Good models do clever.
Great models do clever, with ease

The program emphasizes the importance of designing and structuring financial models for clarity, transparency, and ease of use. Participants will learn best practices for organizing worksheets, naming conventions, and cell referencing, ensuring the models are logical, scalable, and user-friendly.

Go beyond the basics: 
disaggregate and question the sources of return

In our LBO programs, we extend the conventional LBO returns analysis by investigating the various components of equity return, giving us a deeper insight into the mechanics of value creation. Rather than just evaluating the overall return, our disaggregation technique breaks down the equity return into fundamental constituents - such as operational improvements, financial leverage, and multiple arbitrage - allowing a granular assessment of each deal's risk and return profile.

This nuanced analysis equips us to perform rigorous stress tests on the strategic positioning of the deal. By altering key variables like operational performance, exit multiples, and debt levels under various economic scenarios, we can assess the deal's resilience and potential for value creation, leading to more robust investment decisions.

Benefit from first-hand experience

Through firsthand experience as LBO co-investors, we have gained intimate knowledge of the entire LBO process, from due diligence to exit planning. We learn to handle operational, financial, and strategic intricacies, maximize efficiencies, optimize capital structures, and manage risk for superior returns. This practical exposure allows us to offer comprehensive, seasoned insights into the inner workings of LBOs, greatly enriching our advice to clients and stakeholders.

Who should attend?

The Analyst Modeling Program is ideal for individuals aspiring to pursue careers as

  • investment analysts,
  • credit analysts,
  • portfolio managers,
  • M&A bankers,
  • private equity professionals
  • or related roles within the finance and investment management industry.

It is suitable for recent graduates, early-career professionals, or those seeking to transition into investment-related fields

A good understanding of accounting principles is a prerequisite for this program. Participants should possess basic knowledge of financial statements, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. This prerequisite ensures participants can fully engage with the modeling concepts covered in the program.

You are in good hands

I can honestly say, this class, is the best class I've taken in my investment career..

US- based portfolio manager

Their initiatives around education are without peer - a really exceptional effort

EMEA-based portfolio manager

The quality of the training, their style and
approach to the task at hand are one of kind and
their modelling skills are second to none! 

US-based Buy-side analyst

His patience, knowledge and ability to make complicated things seem simple are unmatched

European Sell-side analyst