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InsightOne Premium+ subscription provides a holistic investment content service. Besides the Premium tier benefits, it offers exclusive access to our Fundamental research platform, "Intrinsic Insights with Robinson," featuring 35+ research iBooks at launch (more details below) and an additional 1,000+ digital assets.

With AI capabilities, FHD videos, and user-friendly interactivity, our constantly growing digital library, accessible on desktop and mobile apps, enhances user experience, simplifies complex data, and saves time, transforming investment content consumption.

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Exclusive Access

Subscribers enjoy privileged access to our Premium tier analyst-curated content, which includes our series "Build models like a #1 ranked analysts, Decoding the greats, Navigating the Green Path and our Premium tier FHD video library, providing our users with the essential tools for investment analysis

Cutting-Edge Features

Our platform integrates AI transcription features, Avatar usage, FHD videos, and intuitive designs to ensure a dynamic and engaging user experience, making analysis and insight generation more accessible and less time-consuming.

EdTech is at the core of our DNA and our on-going strategy.

Continuous Updates

Our digital library continually expands, with fresh content added every week, keeping subscribers updated with the latest insights and trends in the investment sector.

X-Platform Accessibility

Our content is accessible across desktop, iOS, and Android platforms, allowing subscribers to learn and analyze on the go.

Competitive Edge

With our platform's comprehensive, quality content, subscribers can stay ahead of the curve in the investment sector, gaining a significant competitive edge.

Time Efficiency

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Intrinsic insights with Robinson

Get access to our own fundamental research platform

Investment Analysis

  • Was Munger right, is EBITDA BS earnings?
  • Why we love iROIC and why you should too
  • When is an outlier, an outlier?
  • Is stock-based comp a cost?

Fundamental valuation

  • Every valuation thesis needs two lenses
  • Our DCF framework: The DNA of a DCF
  • Rethink your terminal value
  • Don't blindly accept Bloomberg betas
  • Can you build a robust equity bridge?
  • An entrepreneurial approach to DCF: PVGO analysis
  • What is a multiple - the good, bad and the ugly
  • Building an analytical code for multiples
  • Which multiple, when?

Investment specialties

  • Why does being human flaw investment analysis? Dealing with biases
  • What is the "outside" view and how can this help analysts?*
  • How should Bayesian forecasting fit into the investment process?
  • What is a Fermi problem and how is it useful to investment analysts?
  • Why do analysts struggle to model the downside?
  • How does High Frequency Trading influence equity valuation
  • Using Sigmoid fade curves to forecast low viz cashflows
  • What is a pre-close announcement?

Mastering M&A analysis

  • How do you build a pro forma post-transaction balance sheet?
  • You paid, what?! Is the deal dead before the ink is dry?
  • What is EPS accretion-dilution analysis and why does fail us?
  • EPS accretion-dilution analysis fails us... analyzing outside the box