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InsightOne is designed to be accessible on all platforms, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This cross-platform compatibility ensures customers can use the app regardless of their preferred device or operating system. Users can seamlessly access their accounts and data using Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, or other platforms, offering a consistent and familiar user experience across devices. This flexibility enhances convenience and ensures customers can leverage InsightOne's features without technological limitations.

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InsightOne combines premium content with cutting-edge EdTech to enhance learning efficiency and productivity. Users can access curated resources while benefiting from interactive tutorials, multi-modal content delivery, gamified learning, and community interactions. This integration optimizes the learning experience, enabling users to acquire knowledge effectively and improve investment analysis skills, all within a unified platform.

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With InsightOne, customers can always enjoy seamless and uninterrupted access to their investment-related data. Whether in the office, on the go, or working remotely, the app ensures their information is readily available. This flexibility allows users to stay connected and up-to-date with our continually evolving digital content, empowering them to be better informed, make timely decisions and capitalize on potential opportunities wherever they are.

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InsightOne, as part of, offers customers the advantage of having all of our digital assets consolidated in one place. Users can easily access and manage their digital assets*, such as video , research reports, market analyses, investment models, and other valuable information, without the hassle of scattered files or documents. By centralizing their IP within the app, customers can save time and effort, enabling them to focus more on analyzing and making informed investment decisions.
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An insights into our coverage

What kind of reports are we writing

Investment Analysis

Why does being human flaw investment analysis? Dealing with biases

What is the "outside" view and how can this help analysts?*

How should Bayesian forecasting fit into the investment process?*

Why do analysts struggle to model the downside?

Using Sigmoid fade curves to forecast low viz cashflows

Why we love iROIC and why you should too

When is an outlier, an outlier?

Fundamental valuation 

Our DCF framework: The DNA of a DCF

Rethink your terminal value, it's probably not working!?

An entrepreneurial approach to DCF: PVGO analysis

Don't blindly accept Bloomberg betas

What is a multiple - the good, bad and the ugly

Building an analytical code for multiples

Which multiple, when?

Analytical insights

You paid, what?! Is the deal dead before the ink is dry?

What is EPS accretion-dilution analysis and why does fail us?

EPS accretion-dilution analysis fails us... analyzing outside the box

How does High Frequency Trading influence equity valuation

What is a Fermi problem and how is it useful to investment analysts?*

Was Munger right, is EBITDA BS earnings?

Downloadable models

Two-stage DCF model

Two-stage DCF model with PVOG analysis

Two stage multiple model

NOL model

Depreciation waterfall

Dynamic reference array workbook

Scenario manager with INDEX

Scenario manager with INDEX ARRAYs

Scenario-based sensitivities

Decircularization macro
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